Work Safe, Home Safe

Ferguson Marine Engineering has established, documented, implemented, maintained and continually improved a SHEQ management system covering the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Without Injury: ISO 18001 Safety

Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd aims to have all personnel work without injury. Preventative action is key to this encompassing observance of established safety routines, adherence to a regime of equipment maintenance and deployment of competent personnel. Safety must be paramount across all of our activities. In support of this we continually promote Behavioural-Based Safety and actively encourage the use of safe working practices by all personnel.

Without Ill Health

Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd aims to prevent personal injury being incurred by anyone in the course of its operations in tandem with prevention of any related issues of ill-health. This supports a culture of motivation at work which is a key ingredient of good-health across the work-force. It is therefore essential that our SHEQ policies and objectives be presented in readily available form to all personnel.

Without Damage to Our World: ISO 14001 Environment 

Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd aims to demonstrate environmental responsibility. We will do this by deploying economically and operationally sustainable operating practices which minimise any potential environmentally adverse impacts. In tandem with this we will operate a culture of communication with our key stakeholders on environmentally-related matters. This will include our workforce, local community, civic authorities and customers.

Right First Time: ISO 9001 Quality

Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction as one of its primary objectives. In support of this we will maintain a suitably qualified and motivated workforce together with deployment of appropriate operational equipment; all aimed at provision of quality products and services to our customers.

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