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At Ferguson Marine Engineering Limited we believe in a culture of fairness and equality of opportunity and reward.  Our approach to remuneration is to ensure that employees are paid fairly.  That’s why men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs in our business. Pay and bonus arrangements are regularly monitored to ensure no discrimination or other unfairness occurs.

From 2017 it was mandatory for all large organisations to report their gender pay gap.  We welcome the opportunity to report our second gender pay gap under the Government’s guidelines as this raises the awareness of representation of women in our sector.  The engineering sector and shipbuilding industry is historically male-dominated and changing that will take time.

Our 2018 gender pay gap remains lower than the UK average and other organisations in our industry.  It is 7.6%, but this does not mean women are paid less than men for doing the same job.  It means there is an under-representation of women.  Six per cent of our workforce is female.  Women are particularly under-represented in our higher paid technical and senior roles, and this heavily influences our gender pay gap. Our mean bonus gap has significantly decreased which is very positive.

Our gender pay gap may fluctuate over time as we address the gender balance of the male-dominated workforce, but we are committed to closing it and have developed a long-term strategy which seeks to do so.  A core part of this strategy is to attract more women to apply for our Modern Apprentice programme.  We have trained employees to be STEM ambassadors helping us to engage with local primary and secondary schools to inspire young women to take up STEM subject choices and to promote opportunities for women in engineering and technical roles.  We are also offering more work experience, undergraduate and graduate placements.  These measures will need a period of time to take effect and have an impact.  We will be monitoring progress on a regular basis and reporting on this in future gender pay gap statements.

Our gender pay gap data as at 5 April 2018 is as follows:

Pay quartiles by gender:

Our figures have been calculated in line with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  The calculation methodology has been checked and approved, and I can confirm that these figures have been verified and are accurate.

Gerry Marshall

CEO, Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd

Posted 30 Jan 2019

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