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At Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd we believe in a culture of fairness and equality of opportunity and reward.  Our approach to remuneration is to ensure that employees are paid fairly.

We welcome the new legislation as this raises the awareness of representation of women in our sector.  The engineering sector employs fewer women than men, and a disproportionate number of men work in the shipbuilding industry.

Our 2017 gender pay gap is substantially lower than the UK average which is very positive.  In common with other employers in our sector, our gender pay gap is primarily due to a lower proportion of women in higher paid technical and senior roles.  However, there is little difference between men and women’s pay in each quartile as men and women are paid the same, where they have the same role, to eliminate pay disparity.  The under-representation of women in senior management roles is the main factor causing our bonus pay gap.

Attracting women to our sector is a challenge, particularly when it comes to senior roles.  Our sectorneeds to inspire more young women to study STEM subjects and develop careers into engineering and technical roles to build a robust talent pipeline.

We are taking action to close the gap by encouragingmore young women into a career in engineering through our schools engagement strategy, and attractingand hiring more women into our business through inclusive bias-free recruitment practices.

Our gender pay gap data as at 5 April 2017 is as follows:

Pay quartiles by gender:

I am proud to publish our first gender pay gap report.  Our figures have been calculated in line with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  The calculation methodology has been checked and approved by our solicitors, and I can confirm that these figures have been verified and are accurate.

Gerry Marshall

CEO, Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd

Posted 30 Mar 2018

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