Committed to developing our capabilities

Since our inception in 1903, we have continually invested in our marine engineering facilities.


A Significant Investment

A £25m investment has seen an incredible transformation:

  • Increased working area from 39,000 to 113,000 sq ft 

  • Increased weekly output from 13 to 150 tonnes 

  • Increased yard capacity 

  • Successfully launched hybrid battery vessel, MV Catriona, 6 weeks ahead of schedule 

  • Launched the first LNG fuelled ferry designed and constructed in the UK 

  • Awarded EU grant funding to design and construct the world’s first hydrogen powered ferry 

All have helped to develop a modern, capable, world-class shipyard.

Greenock Warehouse

We have also more recently committed to a 4 year lease on a 77,649 sq ft local warehouse facility in Greenock, effective from March 2020. This project will see a planned transition from our existing storage facility in Renfrewshire and allow for better governance and control around the storage of inventory required to deliver the FMPG vessel builds.  Acquiring this additional space in such close proximity to our main site will enable us to effectively ‘kit’ package of works and send to the yard for installation.  

Yard Timeline

Watch the below video to see the incredible transformation that has taken place at the yard over the last two years. 

Stay Informed

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